BBC Science Focus Magazine – NewYear 2021
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Welcome at BBC Science Focus Magazine NewYear 2021

There’s a lot to say about 2020, but one moment sticks in my mind like a splinter. Back in January, the BBC Science Focus team was sitting in a room going through ideas. We plan our issues months in advance and we were trying to decide what should go in the March edition. Someone piped up with:
“What about this new virus in China?” “How big will that get?” I asked. “Will we still be talking about it in March?”
Thankfully, we ran the piece and thus began our reporting on the biggest story of the year. But with 2021 about to begin, we all felt it was time to talk about something else for a bit. So, in this special issue we’ve cleared out the usual sections to take a look back at the big breakthroughs you might have missed over the last 12 months (p26) and give you a guide to some of the science that we think will make headlines in 2021 (starting on p34). And if you enjoy those, you should check out our podcast. We have a growing collection of episodes that dig into these ideas in further detail – you can hear Marcus Chown talking more about the wonders of cosmology (p34) or listen to Dr Steffanie Strathdee explain how she saved her husband from a superbug, using viruses harvested from sewage (p56). Subscribe to our podcast now to get all this and many more interviews with brilliant scientists.
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