BBC History UK – June 2022
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Welcome at BBC History UK magazine June 2022 issue

During the past two years, as Covid-19 has dominated our lives, renewed attention has been paid to pandemics of the past, and in particular the Black Death. In this month’s cover feature, historian Monica H Green draws on the latest scientific research to seek to explain when and how the disease originated and what enabled the plague to spread so far, with such devastating effects. That’s on page 55, and do also check out our new Black Death podcast series, which is currently being released weekly on and all the leading podcast platforms.
Another major news story of the 2020s has been the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US troops last year. It’s only the latest chapter in a series of conflicts in the region that stretch back many decades and involve multiple forces and international players. In this issue we’re revisiting a pivotal episode in these wars: the 1979 Soviet invasion of the country. Though it’s often viewed through the prism of the Cold War, Elisabeth Leake argues that we need to consider how this conflict fits into broader strands of Afghan history. You’ll find her account on page 36.
It’s not all doom and gloom this month, though. With the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations nearly upon us, we asked Tracy Borman to head back into royal history and describe how previous British monarchs have celebrated their major milestones. Turn to page 50 to find out how to party like it’s 1897.

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