BBC Countryfile – May 2023
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Welcome at BBC Countryfile Magazine May 2023 Issue

Stop the clocks. Make the weekends four days long. Book lots of time off. It’s May – the most exciting time of the year if you love wildlife. Birdsong hits a peak in the first week, with migrants chorusing with resident birds. Every species of tree and shrub tries to outdo its neighbours with a subtly different take on fresh vibrant green. Flowers pool in the woods and meadows, tempting bees and butterflies. Sap and scents are rising; 31 days isn’t enough to take it all in. The good news is that this May issue comes out in early April – treat this as your early warning to prepare for the marvels ahead. Living in Wales, I am completely delighted by Guy Shrubsole’s mission to celebrate our rainforests (page 32). Wales is a stronghold and there are even fragments of these precious forests in my homeland of the Brecon Beacons.
I’m sold – and there is no better time to enjoy a rainforest than right now. Then there are the meadows – an invaluable but vanishing wonder of our landscapes. Once you have experienced a true meadow rich in blooms, herbs and insect life, you will appreciate just how magical they are compared to monotone rye grass fields. Luckily, there are many to explore still – and we have a brand new format of walks to make it easier for you to enjoy them (page 81).
The magazine, as ever, is filled with things to enjoy right now. This is not a drill – May comes but once a year, so make the most of it.

Fergus Collins, [email protected]

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