Artists & Illustrators Magazine – October 2019
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With the children back at school and the heat dying down after a busy summer of activity, I always think this time of year is ripe for a little bit of quiet contemplation: taking stock, breathing out, tidying the studio, and asking yourself a few of life’s bigger questions.
Still life painting has always struck me as the ideal genre to tackle when you are in this sort of mood. Picking out meaningful objects and arranging them until they are “just so” is a simple yet satisfying pursuit and I’m hugely honoured to be able to introduce the work of a few contemporary still life masters in this month’s issue. Todd M Casey stresses that there are no rules and his dramatic oil paintings are composed with real intuition as he seeks to make connections between himself and the objects.
Parastoo Ganjei, meanwhile, paints roses, which by their very nature bloom for a short period of time, yet she too is establishing personal connections, in this case back to the art of her grandfather, whose studio she fondly recalls in our interview on page 22. Interestingly, Parastoo admits to being inspired by the drive to and from her studio, just like Pippa Blake in our subsequent article.
Driving at 40 miles an hour hardly constitutes a “still” life, yet it does provide another moment to process your thoughts and plan your next creative step. I hope this magazine issue gives you plenty of inspiration to do the same.
Steve Pill, Editor
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