Woodworker’s Journal – October 2023
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Over my 25 years of serving in various roles with Woodworker’s Journal, I have had to say farewell to many coworkers, and I seldom was happy about it. But Senior Art Director Jeff Jacobson was here on the job even before I was part of the team and has been an anchor of our publishing world throughout. He has apparently had enough of me now (and who could blame him?) and is retiring. Although he started out primarily as a designer and technical artist working on Rockler product instructions, when Ann Rockler Jackson decided to start a woodworking magazine (Today’s Woodworker), Jeff was there for issue #1, illustrating the projects, creating exploded view drawings and elevation details.
Like most of us, Jeff finds it a bit embarrasing to look back at those first efforts in the 1980’s. But as the magazine evolved, so did Jeff’s work. As low woodworker, Jeff also has built many projects for the magazine, sometimes in front of the camera and sometimes not. One thing is certain: There has not been a magazine project in the last 30-some years that Jeff has not had a hand in presenting to you.
Wat will he do, now that he is retiring ? It’s a mystery. His self-professed interest in Bigfoot and concerns about alien abduction will likely take up some of his time. As will his interest in cars. He is restoring a 1971 VW Beatle and also owns a classic Porsche, the yin and yang of the automotive world, as I like to think of it. But whatever adventures arise, we here at Woodworker’s Journal Magazine and Rockler Woodworking and Hardware wish him all the best.

Rob Johnstone

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