WOOD Magazine – September 2022
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It was 25 years ago this month that I came home after my airshift at the radio station to find my latest issue of WOOD® magazine had arrived. There, on page 4, I stumbled upon an invitation to become general-interest editor for the magazine, a job for which I possessed none of the required qualifications except “knowledge of woodworking processes and an interest
in woodworking tools.” So, I applied. The worst they could do was say no.
They didn’t.
So, on the day after my 35th birthday, I started my new career in publishing, which I figured might last a year before the boss— or I—recognized the abject horror of the situation and I returned to radio. To my surprise, every person on the WOOD staff treated me with respect even when I had the most basic idiot questions, and they patiently taught me the finer points of both woodworking and publishing. It was as if they really wanted me to succeed!
I’ll never forget that feeling, and tried to bring that same helpful spirit into print whenever I researched and wrote a tool review or a step-by-step woodworking technique. I hope you recognize that we’ve worked hard to maintain that voice of the “friendly authority” in every issue since. We really want you to succeed!
Lucas Peters’ path mirrors mine in some ways. Like me, he was a WOOD subscriber who responded to a call in the magazine and got the job. Unlike me, though, he possessed all the necessary qualifications, and soon proved that his value to the team went well beyond producing videos. In fact, some of the best ideas I’ve gotten credit for in my 10 years as the chief editor started with him. He’s one of the smartest (and snarkiest) people I know.
That’s why I’m so pleased to pass the baton to Lucas as the new Editor-in-Chief of WOOD magazine, only the fourth in our 38-year history. I’m confident he and the rest of the team will continue working harder than ever to help you succeed.
As for me, I’m blessed beyond reason, and thankful for your support as I figured out this whole publishing thing. I’m looking forward to a lot more shop time in my retirement. My honey-do list is long, but first, I need to figure out how to run that CNC router I just bought. And I think I have just the spot in the backyard for the solar kiln on page 48…
See you in the shop!

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