Women’s Health UK – July 2019
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Something momentous happened last month. Truly mind-blowing. I wake up every morning and can’t believe this is my life. As Editor-In-Chief of Women’s Health UK magazine this, I meet astonishing people daily. I’m inspired from morning to night and I have the best team in the business by my side. But something extra special took place on 3-5 May. An event that is undoubtedly the highlight of my long career in the media. Thousands of you turned out for Women’s Health Live. Your positivity was infectious. Your smiles were beautiful. Each time I took to the stage to host a panel with leading wellness experts or to interview some of my favourite women – there are too many to name here, but head to page 24 for a full report – the enthusiasm etched on your faces took my breath away. You smashed the workouts, you leaned in to learn from our guest speakers and you mobbed our headliner, US fitness superstar Jillian Michaels. And even though we did have to call security, I admire your collective passion – I’d have mobbed her, too, but I had to be professional. You’ve since told me in your hundreds, both in person and on social media, that you left the event feeling invigorated, joyful and more equipped to continue with your wellness journey. Keep the feedback coming – we’re already plotting how we can make next year’s event even bigger and better. We continued our launch of Project Body Love at Women’s Health Live, too – it’s our new campaign aimed at helping you stop the negative self-talk and appreciate your body for what it can do, not just for what it looks like. We ran several fascinating panel talks and built an interactive wall, where we asked you to take to Instagram and upload an image of yourself, make a pledge to be kinder to your body and say something nice about your appearance, including the hashtag #projectbodylove.
You’ll find Project Body Love content in print and on womenshealthmag.com/uk throughout the summer. I want to equip you with the tools to combat self-criticism and improve your body confidence. We carried out nationwide research recently and found that 91% of British women wouldn’t describe their body confidence as high. And I’m definitely one of them.I’ve written a very personal feature on page 104 about how I believe my lack of selfesteem when it comes to my appearance stems from my childhood. I’m now a mum of two, including a three-year-old girl, and I’m determined to bolster her confidence at every opportunity so she doesn’t grow up thinking her self-worth is based purely on what she sees in the mirror. All that’s left to say is a huge thank you for supporting WH. Keep your eyes peeled for details of next year’s Women’s Health Live and continue to share your thoughts and opinions with me – good and bad. I’ve got thick skin. Promise. Until next month.Claire Sanderson