Women’s Health Australia – March 2023
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Some of my first memories as a kid were doing the JANE FONDA AEROBICS WORKOUT with my mum in our lounge room, going for long walks on the weekend with my parents, and following them around as they did a circuit at the gym (this was back in the day when OH&S wasn’t a thing). I grew up with movement as part of my life. We were active because we enjoyed it.
It wasn’t until I was older and saw articles like, “Lose 5kg in 2 weeks!”, that a different idea seeped in. The universal message to women seemed to be this: you aren’t good enough as you are, so go lose weight and do it quickly. But I always wondered, WHO DECIDED ON THIS ARBITRARY NUMBER OF KILOS TO LOSE ? Going through extremes to exercise and diet for the sole purpose
of hitting a random number on the scales just didn’t seem healthy – both physically and mentally.
This toxic messaging is something OUR COVER STAR , KELSE YWELLS , knows really well. Not just because she’s spent her whole career fighting against it, but because it personally impacted her. The Sweat trainer had an unhealthy relationship with exercise for years before she transformed it into a tool for self-empowerment. She shares how she made the shift in our chat on p82.
As for me, I’m hoping that my daughter (pictured above, with my husband and I in our epic new home gym – see the transformation on p39) is surrounded by the same POSITIVE MESSAGES AROUND HEALTH that I grew up with. And that by reading this magazine issue, you are too.

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