Women’s Health Australia – June 2019
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What does true wellness mean to you? To me, it’s pretty simple. A healthy body. A strong mind. Getting my sweat on regularly and spending time with a like-minded tribe. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s totally individual. Looking out over the health landscape, during the past decade or so, the concept of wellness has slowly shifted. It’s widened from focusing solely on
things like blood pressure, BMI and ‘not being sick’ to a more holistic concept, with happiness, balance, energy and sleep now as important parts of the equation as piling your plate with nourishing food. That’s why we put together The Wellness Issue, packed with ways to enhance body, mind and soul. Get fitter and stronger, faster – in just three easy steps – with our expert guide to resistance training (p104). Trust us, your muscles and metabolism will thank you. Discover what we’ll be eating, drinking and cooking next (arachnids with a side of zoats?) in our A-Z of new-trition (p92). Get clued up on the latest science around gut health – by far the hottest topic in the wellbeing world – in our fascinating special report (p98). And eat well, all month
long, with plant-powered recipes so good you won’t miss meat (p121). Lastly, flick to p86 to be inspired by this month’s cover star, the ray of sunshine that is Ashley Hart. We were lucky enough to shoot the LA-based yogi and model while she was on a quick trip back to Oz. And, as you’ll see from the pictures, she literally radiates good health, happiness and the kind of positive energy that’s rare to find.
In our exclusive chat, she has so many valuable things to say about gratitude, personal growth and how heartbreak and challenge have only made her stronger and more in tune with who she really is. I hope you enjoy Women’s Health Australia magazine June 2019 issue as much as we did making it. See you next month.