Total Film – June 2022
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I remember seeing Jurassic Park for the first time in a cinema in West Virginia where I was staying for the summer holidays, and can still recall the shiver of delight as the sound system made me think Velociraptors were pattering behind me and the thud of a T-rex footstep buzzed my internal organs as well as that onscreen cup of water.
It was pure cinema and instrumental in making me want to do the job I now have. And this month, that job led me to the set of a film that was a huge part of my childhood, The Railway Children. Jenny Agutter as Bobbie was my hero as a kid – and also later when I saw her in An American Werewolf In London – and it was a pinch-me moment to talk to her about both roles in between filming on The Railway Children Return. Both the dino blockbuster and the charming classic feature in this month’s issue as well as everything else on the movie spectrum. But
Total Film isn’t just about my wish-fulfilment; this issue is a testament to a team bringing the very best in movies and cinematic talking points to you and ensuring you’re ahead of the curve on all things celluloid. I hope there’s plenty of wish-fulfilment in these pages for you too.


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