Total Film – February 2023
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Always a pleasure to have Keanu Reeves on our cover, and this month is a corker as John Wick gets a fourth outing and Reeves promises that he’s more badass than ever. As one of Hollywood’s longest-serving action stars (and a thoroughly decent chap), getting to chat with Reeves is always a treat (I talked to him for Bill & Ted and my teen self was freaking out!) and we’ve gone for a deep dive into the ever-expanding world of Wick. That’s not the only franchise we’re digging into: get ready for Kang in Ant-Man 3 – a baddie essayed by Jonathan Majors who is also doing sterling work in Creed III. We chat to him about getting into the ring, and we also discuss cancel culture and more with Seth Rogen, get the inside track on the incredible Pearl (saw this at the Venice Film Festival and LOVED it) and delve into the most nightmarish film shoots ever. A bit like this issue, which started well before descending into chaos and coming back through the other side. Luckily we didn’t have ‘creative differences’ or anyone locking anyone out of the editing room… But y’know, there’s always next month.

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