Total 911 UK – Issue 234, September 2023
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Welcome at Total 911 UK Magazine Issue 234, September 2023

We’re steaming towards the 911’s official birthday in September, when Porsche’s iconic sports car will celebrate 60 years of continued production and development. For many, the end of the air-cooled years represents the high watermark of the 911 in its classic form, and so we hope you’ll enjoy our look back on the halcyon 964 and 993 years in new detail, as part of our continued series exploring the Neunelfer’s remarkable history.
One of my favourite shots supplied by our friends at Porsche’s archive facility hails from the launch of the first AWD production 911, the 964 C4 (above). How to show the world your new sports car has drive going to all four wheels? Hang it up from a crane and illuminate the underside, of course! Far more entertaining than a digital render, anyway.
Coming back to modern-day matters, I was surprised to learn there are still build slots available for, among others, the 992 Dakar (in the UK at least). This off-road model presents a new spectacle for production 911 offerings and, while it’s great that Porsche is investing in new areas of driving culture, it’s clear the general public isn’t yet convinced by the concept of a 911 purpose-built for terrain rather than tarmac. It’s unusual to have availability for a limited-production 911 some six months after launch, though I did say at the time its 2,500-build run was rather a lot, especially when considering this is a new concept for enthusiasts to understand.
There should be no such confusion over the incoming 911 ST, which will cement itself as the most desirable Neunelfer of the decade so far. A flat-backed GT3 RS without that ludicrous rear wing, one can only imagine the resale price this halo model will command, especially when 992 GT3 RSs have already been changing hands for figures starting with a ‘4’…

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