Total 911 – February 2023
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This year looks set to be a cracker in the world of Porsche. We’ve got some big milestones to celebrate, including 60 years of our iconic 911, 50 years of RSR, 30 years of 993 and 50 years of the G-series era.
Porsche will also mark its 75th anniversary in June by holding events in dealerships worldwide. Then there’s the small matter of the 100th running of Le Mans, with Porsche of course returning to the top table in endurance racing in a bid to claim this most precious of crowns. Le Mans will also host its Classic festival later in the summer, while Rennsport Reunion returns for a seventh instalment, where thousands of enthusiasts will once more descend on Laguna Seca’s storied circuit from right around the globe.
There will be plenty of new Porsche 911s coming your way, too. Perhaps the most exciting is the 911 ST, which Porsche will release as a 75th birthday present to itself. The new ST will be rear-wheel drive, have the 4.0-litre, 510hp naturally aspirated flat six from the 992 GT3 as well as its six-speed Motorsport gearbox, and weigh as little as 1,300kg – with 2,000 models to be made. A high watermark for the GT department in the 992 era, the ST will be the 911 of the decade, much like the 991 R in the 2010s.
You can also expect a 60th Anniversary 992. Following in the footsteps of the 964-based ‘30 Jahre’, 996-based ‘40 Jahre’ and 991-based ‘50 Jahre’ models, the ‘60 Jahre’ 992 will feature an array of design trinkets inspired by cars from throughout the history of the 911. Unlike its predecessors though, the ‘60 Jahre’ or 60th Anniversary 911 will hail from Porsche Exclusiv Manufaktur’s Heritage Design programme, the third of four such cars promised by the end of 2023 (and which has already given us the Heritage Design Edition Targa and Sport Classic).
An Anniversary 911 is one of the most desirable models outside of the GT lineup, and the ‘60 Jahre’ will be no different. Expect a GTS-spec engine, rear-wheel drive, and a numbered production run of 1,963 units.
So, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2023, and Total 911 will be right at the very heart of it. Enjoy the issue.

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