The MagPi – August 2022
English | 102 pages | pdf | 67.12 MB

I still remember my first robot: ‘Tyres’ named after the cyclist Spaced. To this day, he’s a good bot! Building a robot from scratch is one of the most rewarding Raspberry Pi projects. So many people tell us that building a robot sounds incredibly complex. But it’s really not as hard as you first think.
Take one Raspberry Pi, add a couple of motors , mix in a couple of wheels, and whizz it all up with a battery, and you will have a tin box whirring around the room in no time.
Of course, you can take it from there, and modern robot parts can become incredibly detailed. We’ve built all manner of walking, dancing, scuttling and grabbing robots. All are controlled by code.
Raspberry Pi is about more than learning how to code and build robots. Our Back School feature is packed with advice on how to use Raspberry Pi to get the most out of your education. Don’t forget to build scuttling critters along the way.

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