Taste of the South – July-August 2020
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My face may be new to many of you, but I have been a part of the Taste of the South team for a few years. I have now been entrusted with leading this brand and providing delicious recipes and inspirational content for you, our most valuable part of the Taste of the South Magazine community, and I am so honored to contribute to your family’s meals. The past several months have certainly been a season of change for all of us. It has been uncertain and felt scary at times, but when the gray cloud seemed like it wouldn’t lift, I kept being inspired by the heart of Southern culture—and its food.
Every Southerner knows the heartbeat of our food is community. While the time has been physically isolating, profound unity manifested as we each did our part to protect our neighbors. Here in our hometown of Birmingham, people rallied around small businesses for buying essentials or sending care packages to loved ones far away. Farmers adapted their business models, produced a drive-thru farmers’ market, and provided home delivery services. Restaurants, while economically struggling themselves, provided free meals for healthcare workers and fi rst
responders. Everywhere we looked, our team was inspired by watching this collective eff ort in our own community and across the South. Our Associate Editor wrote a lovely piece about it on page 71.

We also found ourselves seeking comfort in our kitchens, through the routines of everything from baking buttermilk biscuits to providing easy meals for our families. And while working hard at home, our dedicated test kitchen staff continued to develop recipes for you so you can fi nd solace in your kitchen. Join us on a culinary tour of the South from your own kitchen through one of our favorite foods—hot dogs (page 43). Or, try one of the No-Cook Meals on page 51 for an easy, heat-free way to make a summer supper.
As the days are now warm and sunny, it feels as though life is returning to some amount of familiarity. Farmers are harvesting corn and tomatoes. Firefl ies can be watched while sipping a Salty Mangonada cocktail (page 85) on the patio. Children are biting into juicy peaches in the front yard. And we are taking a little time to slow down and enjoy the moments we have together.
To the healthcare workers and fi rst responders, delivery persons, cleaning crews, food growers and suppliers, and all others who have worked tirelessly to keep us safe and nourished—thank you. And to each of you, our Taste of the South magazine community, we couldn’t do our work without you. Our sincerest appreciation.
Be well and happy cooking,

Sarah – Editor

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