Tabletop Gaming – April 2023
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Welcome to Tabletop Gaming Magazine, your ultimate guide to board games. We’ve mixed things this month with a brace of new features and a new look. If you’re brand new to board games start with The Gateway on page 32. For those of you looking for a little bit of nostalgia, try What’s In Your Attic on page 84. Or if you’re looking for a next step, check out Connect 4 (p90). And if you’re just here for the reviews, we’ve made this a little bit easier to navigate, breaking the reviews up into loose sections around family and party games, strategy games and roleplaying games. Our main features this month focus on serene space combat game Homeworld’s arrival on our tabletops (p24), and an investigation into traditional games like Go and Carrom (p46).
You might notice that the price of this issue is a little higher than last month. This is because of increased material prices for producing the mag. The best way to save a few quid is to subscribe, which is now available as a rolling monthly direct debit.
As you may have read, I am stepping down from the magazine in May, so you’ve got two more issues left with me at the helm. If there’s something you’d wish I’d covered in the last three and a bit years, but never said, now’s the time to email me about it!

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