Star Wars Insider – June 2023
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Welcome at Star Wars Insider Magazine Issue 219 June 2023

For a moment, I really thought they’d killed off Crosshair. The estranged former member of the Bad Batch had committed countless atrocities in the name of the Empire, convincing himself that “a good soldier follows orders,” but the reality of his situation finally caught up with him in the latter half of Season Two when… No! I can’t go on. I won’t! If, for some crazy reason you’ve not been following the escapades of Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Omega,
I’m not going to spoil it for you here—because you should be tuning in for yourself. Go on. Get streaming and come back when you’re done. You’ll thank me. Lucasfilm Animation has done a rare thing with Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021 -). Aimed primarily at a younger audience, it packs a punch that makes the show equally rewarding viewing for adults too, somehow straddling a dramatic line that few filmmakers would dare to cross. Every story has consequences, the characters have depth, and the Empire has never felt crueler. We at Insider love it so much we went behind the scenes to learn how an episode of this incredible series is made, from initial story meetings to final edits. And it’s such a complex process that we could only fit half of the story into this issue!
Among the other delights you’ll find in Star Wars Insider magazine issue 219, we talk to Phil Szostack about the history of The Art of Star Wars books, meet some of the saga’s Twi’leks, and The High Republic author Zoraida Córdova tells us about her Star Wars novels. Plus, we end our run of Phase II short fiction with a final Tales of Enlightenment story from George Mann.
May the Force be with you! And remember—do yourself a favor and watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch… now! That’s all I’m saying.

Christopher Cooper

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