SFX – June 2022
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You know how I keep saying how lucky we are to have so much “genre” (ie. the best) content at the moment? Well, this month is a prime example of that. Ever-committed in our mission to bring you as much coverage as we possibly can, I realised that we actually had too much. Whoops. So there’s a slightly smaller news section, and a couple of our regulars have gracefully bowed out for this month. What can I say?
I wish the magazine was dimensionally transcendental. Anyway, perhaps when you see what’s in store you won’t mind… or even notice! Basically it looks like another month indoors (voluntarily, this time) for us lot. Look at all the shiny new things! Keep your spring weather, I’ll be sitting in the dark, thank you. I’ve had sneak peeks at The Orville and Lightyear and have been blown away – I’m so glad to see the former finally back. It seems like another lifetime when Krill stormed SDCC in 2019 where the creative team were talking about what they had in store. Little did any of us know it would be another three years – but definitely worth the wait.
In another galaxy (far, far away) we’ve got the latest Star Wars series landing shortly, alongside new episodes of The Boys, a dinosaur invasion and yet another great new Marvel series. Let us know what you think of all the latest releases – see page left for our contact details. As ever, stay safe and we’ll see you in four weeks!

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