SelfBuild & Design – Full Year 2022 Issues Collection
English | 12 issues | True PDF | 412 MB

Whether dreaming of building your own unique home or a more modest building project, SelfBuild & Design Magazine will provide the inspiration and information you need.
From finding a plot of land or renovation/conversion opportunity through to interior finishing ideas SelfBuild & Design covers it. Packed each month with inspirational case studies from new build eco-friendly contemporary homes to incredible barn conversions. Case studies cover not just traditional building methods but also new innovative construction methods such as insulated concrete formwork, Structurally Insulated Panels and even straw bale houses.
You will find information to help you think about designing your new home, tackle issues around seeking planning permission, raising a mortgage, working with architects and designers, and managing builders and sub-contractors. It will help you assess whether to be your own project manager or to employ a specialist and provide you with detailed practical advice on technical subjects such as insulation, underfloor heating, mechanical heating and ventilation recovery systems and much more.

SelfBuild & Design – January 2022
SelfBuild & Design – February 2022
SelfBuild & Design – March 2022
SelfBuild & Design – April 2022
SelfBuild & Design – May 2022
SelfBuild & Design – June 2022
SelfBuild & Design – July 2022
SelfBuild & Design – August 2022
SelfBuild & Design – September 2022
SelfBuild & Design – October 2022
SelfBuild & Design – November 2022
SelfBuild & Design – December 2022

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SelfBuild & Design – Full Year 2022 Issues Collection