Scootering – July 2023
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I may be the only social media dinosaur left on the planet but I’ll freely admit that I don’t understand the obsession with Instagram and finding that perfect ‘Insta moment.’ Frankly it all seemed pointless, that was until I visited the Malossi Academy at the Maggione circuit a few weeks ago. Whether or not you’re a fan of circuit racing I’d implore you to read my report on page 95 because Malossi and its partner Ital jet seem to have discovered the recipe for involving an entirely new generation in the world of scooters. The fact that it involves a social influencer called Devais, whose face remains unknown to his 83k followers, may raise a few eyebrows among regular readers but that’s irrelevant. Scooters, and the industries that support them, will only survive if new riders are brought into the fold and Devais appeals to a new generation in a way that a group of (predominantly) middle-aged men never will. We may not understand it, we may not even like it, but just as with Quadrophenia in 1979, the Malossi Academy shows that if young people identify with something they’ll get involved. That’s certainly a future I can get behind.
On the topic of articles from Italy, I’ve just returned from a week-long adventure visiting various contacts, factories and shops. I say adventure because somehow I managed to dodge the worst weather to hit northern Italy in three decades. I’ve seen some coverage in the British media, but nothing that portrays the devastation suffered by some communities. On behalf of everyone here at Scootering I send our best wishes to anyone affected by the recent floods. May the sun shine down upon you and your small wheels start rolling again very soon.
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This month

This month we’ve our usual selection of goodies with something for everyone to enjoy. We’ve neglected lovers of cutdowns recent lyso put that right with an out-of-the-bog (not a misprint) thinking Evil Knievel themed slimline. Stu Owen takes us into the strange Spanish world of the Lince while Vespa lovers will appreciate our stunning centrefold, the hauntingly complex King’s World.
I’ve already mentioned the Malossi Academy and Paul Green brings us a bumper roundup of race reports. If Royal Alloys are your thing, or you remember the NSRA, then our Good Times feature will raise a smile; while globetrotters can catch up with the latest instalment from our intrepid GTS adventurers.
We’ve our usual technical features but star of the show has to be Christian’s scoop on the two-into-one conversion that brings ownership of a Lambretta twin into the reach of anyone who owns a standard Lambretta casing.
You can see that at Euro Lambretta but remember that you read about it here first!

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