Sсiеntifiс Аmеricаn Mind – September-October 2022 (Tablet Edition)
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Welcome at Sсiеntifiс Аmеricаn Mind Magazine September-October 2022 Issue

We all have the power to improve our lives, even a little bit. Research shows that two hours a week in nature can reduce stress and blood pressure. Maintaining an active social calendar prevents cognitive decline, well into old age. And for some, regular strenuous exercise appears to stave off depression as effectively as some pharmaceutical treatments. In this issue, Scientific American column editor Daisy Yuhas spoke with Amanda Baughan, a researcher in computer and human interactions at the University of Washington about the ways that social media can detract from self-esteem and life satisfaction (see “Why Social Media Makes People Unhappy—And Simple Ways to Fix It”). It’s become clear that our digital interactions powerfully affect mood and quality of life, and so boundaries around social media are just as important as any self-care routine.
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