Rolling Stone USA – Issue 1373, March 2023
English | 82 pages | pdf | 38.18 MB

To play the champion boxer Adonis Creed, as he does again this month in Creed III, his directorial debut, Michael B. Jordan gets himself into Greek-godlike shape. So, as we conceptualized this month’s cover shoot, we called in multidisciplinary artist Holly Silius to paint his body. “He’s so statuesque,” says Silius, a makeup artist and sculptor who often uses the human form as an experimental canvas in her work. “It’s easy to wonder if his body is real or not.”
Soon, the conversation with Jordan evolved, as he and Silius decided not just to paint him, but to make casts of his torso and face for the photo shoot as well, using images of ancient gods as a reference point. “Michael wanted the eyes sculpted back, like Roman sculptures,” she notes. Silius used a mix of molding materials, including alginate and plaster, to create the stunning mask shown on the Table of Contents (page 3) and in the cover story (“The Fire Inside Michael B. Jordan,” page 30) — which in Jordan’s silver spray-painted hands looks almost like a chunk of the glistening cosmos. The British-born Silius, who has an extensive background in special-effects design and fine art, found herself energized by the collaborative process with Jordan. “I think people just really appreciate that you want to do this work of them,” she says. “It’s such an honor for me.”

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