Retro Gamer UK – January 2021
English | 115 pages | pdf | 81.52 MBWelcome at Retro Gamer UK Magazine January 2021 Issue

Will we ever have a home console as popular as the PS2? Sony’s second console was a phenomenal success for the company, building on the momentum the Japanese giant had created with the original PlayStation, and utterly annihilating the competition in the process. Put the sales of the Dreamcast, Xbox and GameCube together and they still can’t make a dent in the impressive sales figures of the PS2.
Regardless of whether you felt the ‘Emotion Engine’ lived up to the promised Sony hype, there was no denying Sony’s commitment to the console, the wealth of available games (over 4,400) and its many excellent exclusives. For this issue we decided to speak to many luminaries within the industry, including the likes of David Reeves and Mark Cerny to find out just what made Sony’s second console so very special.
Other highlights of our first issue of 2021 include in-depth features on Manic Miner, The Last Ninja, Metroidvanias, Tim Schafer and the first three Project Zero games, as well as plenty of smaller features as well. Thanks again for all the support you showed us in 2020 and don’t forget to take advantage of our new subs offer on page 28 if you haven’t already done so. It really helps.

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