Retro Gamer UK – Issue 244, 2023
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Welcome to Retro Gamer UK Magazine Issue 244, 2023

Few games have excited me as much as Resident Evil 4. I can still recall when games™ received early info about the game, revealing all the changes being made to Capcom’s popular series and no one quite believing what they were reading. When I finally saw the game being demoed, my gob was well and truly smacked and I lifted up the GameCube to check no tomfoolery was afoot. I ordered myself a US copy, booked some time off and found myself mesmerised by the sheer scope, pace and variety Resident Evil 4 offered. Based on the games that followed, from Gears Of War to Dead Space, I wasn’t the only person stunned by Capcom’s ambitious makeover of its popular series.
So to celebrate the release of its remake, we’ve not only looked at the impact of this astonishing game but have also put together a fantastic 32-page book of the series, something every Resident Evil fan should love. If you’re not a fan of things that go bump in the night then you’ll find plenty of great articles covering everything from Sega’s System 24 arcade board to Stunt Car Racer, Shining Force, Lionheart and much more, meaning this issue should have something for everyone.
Stay safe and enjoy the magazine.

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