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Retro Gamer UK – Issue 212, 2020

Retro Gamer UK – Issue 212, 2020
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Along D&D with a large number of games that convinced me that I needed to own an Amiga. I’d abandoned home computers as soon as I got my hands on a Master System and the 16-bit consoles were definitely my jam, but the SNES didn’t have Guybrush Threepwood’s debut adventure and I really wanted to play it. While plenty of console games had made me laugh over the years, I’d never experienced a game that was as riotously silly as Monkey Island was. Even the game’s security measures promised that your stay on Melee Island would be a fun one, and boy it did not disappoint.
It’s been a real pleasure, then, to assemble the core team of designers and writers that helped make Monkey Island such a success, and we’ve done our very best to break the game down into the key components that made it so much fun, from the insult-based sword fighting to the gorgeous looking locations that Guybrush would visit.
If Monkey Island isn’t your particular jam, there’s plenty more great games to discover, from the creation of the rhythm action
mega-hit Guitar Hero, to the first Dungeons & Dragons game actually based on the D&D ruleset. We’ve also rounded up a selection of amazing C64 games to seek out and battled Videators from the anarchic TV show, Games World, as well as much more.

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