Reader’s Digest USA – March 2023
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I never planned to be a plant guy. It all started with a half-dead jade plant left behind in a small store my wife and I took over many years ago. I brought home what was left of the plant, put it on my desk and obsessed over it as if it were a baby bird. The jade plant grew big and healthy and turned me into our family’s plant person. Now I’m in charge of all plants inside and outside our home.
I don’t mind. I recommend everyone (especially my own kids) foster hobbies that don’t include screens— hiking, biking, gardening. Anything that gets you outdoors is good. The added benefit of being outside is that it has helped me meet more people in our new neighborhood than I would have otherwise. One neighbor, a much better gardener than me, offers advice that I desperately need. We trade hydrangea cuttings with the folks across the street. A woman a few houses down dropped
off tulip bulbs. I’ve learned a lot about gardening and, more importantly, I’ve learned about my neighborhood.
Now it’s your turn. What helps you connect with people in your community? We’ve launched our annual search for the Nicest Places in
America, and we want to hear about places where people lift one another up or pull together when times are tough. Tell us your story by grabbing your cellphone, opening the camera and pointing it at the black “scan me” box below or by visiting us at
Communities, like gardens, need attention and care to grow. Tell us about yours.

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