Reader’s Digest USA – June 2022
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I spent an afternoon with Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko a few years ago for a profile I was writing. At the time, he was still a professional boxer—a heavyweight champion to be exact—and only beginning to dabble in politics. He talked about growing up in the Soviet Union, and when
I asked about his interest in Ukrainian politics, he explained, “I don’t want to be passive. Every citizen should help develop the future of his country.” Klitschko is now fighting for the future of his country alongside his fellow citizens. The situation unfolded during the creation of this issue and weighed heavily over everything. Reader’s Digest Usa Magazine is a place to celebrate family and community, and it was difficult to watch Ukrainians have their families and communities torn apart.
Many of us at RD have found hope in the heartwarming stories of ordinary helping out, from Polish citizens donating strollers to Ukrainian families to Germans welcoming refugees into
their homes. That’s what we do at RD—focus on the positives. In that spirit, we have rounded up a list of organizations to consider donating to at Please check it out.
World events like this can bring people together or divide us. Mónica Guzmán specializes in helping people bridge those gaps through her work with Braver Angels, a national organization out to depolarize America.
On page 76, she offers tips for talking to people on the opposite side of the political spectrum. It could help you connect—or reconnect—with a friend during these times.
Every citizen should help develop the future of their country. Sometimes a conversation is a good way to start.

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