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Reader’s Digest UK – April 2023

Reader’s Digest UK – April 2023
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As a Film Studies graduate, I’ve been exposed to many films that moved me and shaped my worldview in one way or another. But they all pale in comparison to the emotional impact that Schindler’s List had on me. Steven Spielberg’s 1993 masterpiece about a German industrialist who saved more than a thousand Jewish refugees from the Holocaust, it ensured that the atrocities of the Second World War would remain a matter of public consciousness. It’s the only film that makes me well up at the very thought of it.
Cinema has the incredible ability to transport and immerse us in different worlds, and Spielberg is one of the artform’s greatest masters. Schindler’s List put the Holocaust back into the conversation; Indiana Jones inspired multiple generations of archaeologists and Jaws… well, Jaws just made sure that a lot of people would never set foot on a beach again. He defined and revolutionised the film industry, and we are incredibly proud and excited to have him on the cover of this month’s issue. On p18, the King of Entertainment opens up about his childhood, favourite movies, and his latest work, The Fabelmans.

eva mackevic

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