Radio Control DroneZone – Issue 38 – June-July 2022
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For all Radio Control DroneZone Magazine disciplines, ironically there are elements of the complete process from purchase to building and flying that some of us enjoy more than most. Some enthusiasts love to take the time to trawl the internet looking for an older model or rare component, a new upgrade or project to build. Potentially, the most fun for that kind of person comes in the form of retail therapy. Then you have those who love the engineering side; the build and putting together of the kit. For some builds, like Jon Tanner’s Hirobo Dauphin 2 on page 36, it means being creative as you have to make things work or find a solution to a problem. If this isn’t you, then for sure something like the Fusion 360 Smart, a Bind-N-Fly from Blade, which Ian Peckett flew also in this issue – see page 14 – might be more up your street. A customer buying one of these will only need a compatible transmitter, battery and charger, minimising the time between purchase and getting the heli up in the air. Of course a complete readyto- fly (RTF) is made even easier, and naturally this is the kind of package that gets so many newcomers into the hobby. But one thing that all drone and heli pilots will have to do is some form of regular maintenance and for the latter, Mike Szabo’s article goes through his processes to keep his fleet flying safely and reliably. Whilst we have been blessed with battery technology evolving to make for even more powerful packs and ever-increasing runtime, brushless motors too have made our life super easy and need little-to-no maintenance. Building your own drone is as close to plug-and-play as you can get with only a little knowledge and skill required to build the basic machine up. And then there is a whole world of tuning the setup to learn and experience over time that will only better the overall package.
Whatever kind of RC enthusiast you are though, there will be that one bit that you look forward to more than any other and naturally for the majority, this is in the flying. As long as you enjoy it though, it really doesn’t matter…

Matt Benfield, Editor
[email protected]

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