Pro Wrestling Illustrated – Full Year 2023 Issues Collection
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“Pro Wrestling Illustrated” (PWI) is a popular professional wrestling magazine that has been published for several decades. It is well-known in the world of professional wrestling for its coverage of wrestling events, news, and rankings of wrestlers. Here are some key points about “Pro Wrestling Illustrated” magazine:

1. History: PWI was first published in 1979 by Stanley Weston. It has since become one of the most respected and widely read wrestling magazines in the world. The magazine has gone through various ownership changes and updates over the years.

2. Coverage: PWI covers a wide range of professional wrestling promotions, including WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), AEW (All Elite Wrestling), NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling), Impact Wrestling, and more. It provides news, interviews, features, and analysis related to the wrestling industry.

3. Rankings: One of the magazine’s most popular features is its annual rankings of wrestlers. PWI releases a list of the top 500 wrestlers in the world each year, based on various criteria such as in-ring performance, championship wins, and overall impact on the industry. This list often generates significant discussion and debate among wrestling fans.

4. Awards: PWI also presents several awards annually, including “Wrestler of the Year,” “Tag Team of the Year,” and “Match of the Year.” These awards recognize the accomplishments and contributions of wrestlers and matches throughout the year.

5. Special Issues: In addition to its regular monthly publications, PWI occasionally releases special issues, such as the “PWI 500” edition, which focuses exclusively on the annual rankings, and retrospective issues that celebrate wrestling history.

6. Readership:Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine” has a dedicated readership of wrestling enthusiasts, including both fans and those within the industry. It provides a platform for wrestlers to gain recognition and offers fans a source of in-depth wrestling analysis and information.

7. Online Presence: In addition to the print magazine, PWI has an online presence, including a website and social media accounts, where they continue to provide wrestling news, articles, and interactive content for fans.

8. Contributors: Over the years, PWI has featured contributions from various wrestling journalists and writers who have become well-known in the industry.

9. Legacy: PWI has played a significant role in documenting the history of professional wrestling and has contributed to the recognition and promotion of wrestling talent.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated – January 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – February 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – April 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – May 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – June 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – August 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – October 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – November 2023
Pro Wrestling Illustrated – December 2023

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated – Full Year 2023 Issues Collection