Prevention USA – July 2019
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THAT SOUNDS AWFULLY PHILOSOPHICAL, but I actually have a practical answer. Beauty, in magazine-speak, is the catchall word we use for hair and skin advice. And at Prevention, our beauty stories are also health, safety, and science stories—each with the side effect of helping you look good. This month, there’s info about how pollution affects skin on page 16—but don’t worry, we’ve got solutions.
Our Sun Safe Awards on page 30 are also full of practical advice. I think we all know sunscreen is a must—let’s prevent skin cancer and, sure, wrinkles too—but the absolute sea of options at the drugstore can be a little overwhelming. So our team turned to the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Beauty Lab testing and an impressive roster of diverse experts to sort through sunscreens by category (like Best for Dry Skin and Best for Sports) to help you make a really good choice.
I’m also especially happy to share the beauty story in our Science section: On page 62, we report on various treatments for hair loss, which affects women and men alike. And whether or not you’ve ever worried about this, I encourage you to go online to read “As 100,000 Strands Fell” (, written by our own executive digital editor, Devin Tomb. It’s an honest, moving, and insightful look at her life with alopecia universalis. I admire her for sharing it. What’s your beauty story? Tell me at [email protected]. – Editor