Popular Woodworking – Full Year 2022 Issues Collection
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Popular Woodworking Magazine has delivered articles and commentary from America’s best and brightest woodworkers for more than 30 years.

The editorial focus is a committed philosophy of hybrid woodworking – blending the best of hand tool and power tool woodworking. We bring you woodworking projects for every skill level ranging from simple (but attractive) projects that use basic joinery, to complex furniture plans using advanced woodworking techniques. Nearly every project also comes with a SketchUp model. Contributors include Roy Underhill, Christopher Schwarz, Mary May, Bob Flexner, Toshio Odate, Gary Rogowski and many more.

The magazine is published six times annually- 5 regular-sized issues, and 1 double-sized issue, and is available digitally as well as in print – plus back issues can be explored throughout our website. We also send out a free weekly woodworking newsletter.

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Safety Note: Safety is your responsibility. Manufacturers place safety devices on their equipment for a reason. In many photos you see in Popular Woodworking Magazine, these have been removed to provide clarity. In some cases we’ll use an awkward body position so you can better see what’s being demonstrated. Don’t copy us. Think about each procedure you’re going to perform beforehand.

Popular Woodworking – Februar 2022
Popular Woodworking – April 2022
Popular Woodworking – June_2022
Popular Woodworking – August 2022
Popular Woodworking – October 2022
Popular Woodworking – December 2022

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Popular Woodworking – Full Year 2022 Issues Collection