Popshot Magazine – Spring 2023
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Welcome at Popshot Magazine Magazine Spring 2023 Issue

You might be wondering who the person on our cover is. That noble side profile doesn’t look much like the whiskered King of Hearts who ordinarily graces playing cards. No, this king is the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, whose epic poem, The Divine Comedy, has been studied and enjoyed since the Middle Ages. At the opening of Inferno, or hell, Dante describes his heart as being like a lake, a reference to the vast and sometimes complex landscape at our physical core. In fact the word “cuore” in Italian means heart but also emotion, or spirit. The idea of a lake of spirit summed up our feelings about the role of a heart, which is functional, but also wildly literal in the way it moves emotion through us.
As always, thank you to everyone who took the time to submit writing to us. Your poems and stories have shown me how powerful and varied our associations are with this particular word, whether you’re describing an organ that beats to keep us alive, the centre of something or a rather kitsch pink shape. The best writing revealed the heart’s mysterious control over us, and the resulting drama when our hearts are in conflict with our rationality.
The romantics among you will enjoy Cupid by Skye Fulcher (page 8); while anyone burned by a relationship or unsure of their standing in the heart of their lover might want to look at The Inner Chamber by Lauren Woods (page 30). We are fortunate to have an extract from our guest author Kevin Jared Hosein’s novel Hungry Ghosts among these pages (page 20). Kevin, who is from Trinidad and Tobago, has published two previous books and won the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2018. His latest novel explores what happens when a person at the heart of a small community vanishes.
Thank you for reading, and we hope you’ll find something that speaks to your heart here.
Matilda Battersby
— Editor

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