Playboy’s Photography – August 1988
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A lot of readers like Playboy for the articles, but the most popular features have always been the pictorials. According to Photography Director Gary Cole, the unique look of Playboy’s pictorials was born of Hugh Hefner’s vision and nurtured by the original Art and Photo Directors, Art Paul and Vince Tajiri. Today, still under the watchful eye of Hef, the world’s top photographers create high-quality pictures chat are che graphic hallmark of Playboy. Inside, you’ll sample a visual feast that is just a caste of the incredible quantity of eclectic imagery that is Playboy photography. You’ll discover, from the photographer’s own words, that the re­sults of their creativity come either from preplanning and visualization, spontaneous reaction to the situation, serendipity, or a combination of any and all three. And you’ll see chat Playboy cakes great pains and spares at no expense to bring you some of the finest photography in the world. Look through these pages; it’s like revisiting a favorite photo gallery. Come on in and browse.
A beautiful photograph rarely is an acciden1. At Plaboy, many people are in,·oh-ed in the planning’ and prod union stages leading to those final images printed on the pages of the world’s favorite men’s, magazine. We have listed the senior staff members whose expertise helps make Playboy photography so memorable. We went to pay tribute to them and to the dozens of photographers, photography assistants, s1ylis1s, hairdressers, make’up artists and Set designers who, make major contributions to the photographs that appear in Playboy Magazine.

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