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PLAY – March 2023

PLAY – March 2023
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We won’t force you to read this one, but we think you’re going to want to, as cover game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (p42) looks set to make a current-gen splash on PS5 as soon as March. Add on PSVR2’s imminent launch, and we’re gearing up for PlayStation to really start blowing up 2023 even this early on.

While Survivor hails from a franchise we love, we’re not being blinded by the light(saber) of brand loyalty. We sat down with director Stig Asmussen to catch up on events since talking Fallen Order in 2019, and he filled us in on the huge improvements being made to make use of PS5, from new lightsaber styles to team-ups, and what sounds like a thrilling story. PS5 games are evolving at a steady rate, but PSVR2 (p52) is coming along to take the revolution from your big screen at home to the smaller (though high-resolution) screens on your face. Out on 22 Feb, it’s almost here, and we’ve got a definitive launch guide for you combining hands-on impressions with both games and the hardware with developer insight to really dig into why it’s so exciting. Technically, what’s become possible is jaw-dropping, but when you get down to it PSVR2 enables devs to really have fun and come up with some super-creative gameplay.
Talking about creativity, the other games we take early looks at this issue are all about playing around with pre-established rules. Amnesia: The Bunker (p6) is changing the face of horror much as the very first game once did, Thirsty Suitors (p12) inventively combines RPG, social, and skating mechanics into one neat package, and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (p28) is one of the freshest approaches to a remake we’ve seen in ages.
We’re not skimping on reviews either. We’ve got some great ones in store including a gamer-centric verdict on The Last Of Us’ HBO series (p76). We hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we did putting it together!

Oscar Taylor-Kent

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