Photoshop User – February 2023
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Welcome at Photoshop User Magazine February 2023 Issue

Recently, I finally finished writing my latest Photoshop book. Well, actually, it’s an update to one of my most popular books, The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers. You’d think because it’s just an “update,” it wouldn’t have taken the many months that it did to update but (and this shocked me when I learned this), the latest edition of that book was released in December 2016. When I found that out, I was floored. I couldn’t believe it had been that long, but that’s why it took so long to update it. As soon as I started working on the first chapter, it hit me: this isn’t an update; this is a total rewrite because so much has changed in Photoshop since 2016.
Back in 2016, there really was no AI stuff, no auto-selections/masking, Camera Raw had a different interface, and we just did things differently back then. When I looked at my workflow today, the tools and techniques I use have evolved so much that it meant a lot more writing work for me; but I loved it. It was fun again because of how much Photoshop has evolved and grown, and now we’re in this era where a lot of the boring production tasks that used to take so much time are now just so simple. It really was an eye-opener for what a new world we live in Photoshop-wise. These new tools have brought back the fun to my workflow because I don’t have to waste so much time on boring stuff. Instead, I have more time to experiment, try new things, and be creative.
While I didn’t really cover plug-ins in the book, they’ve also evolved so much that I now use a number of them in my workflow, and that’s been an exciting addition to my work. Over the years, there have been times when plug-ins were hot, and then they kind of ducked beneath the radar. But right now, plug-ins are on fire, and the stuff they can do is expanding what we can do in Photoshop in really neat ways. Maybe one day I should write a book on plug-ins. Hmmmmmm.
Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this book because I think it will help a lot of people, since it’s the one Photoshop book I do that covers the entire process from beginning to end for beginners (another reason why it took so darn long to write). It’s going to press shortly, and I’ll let you all know when it’s close to being released (the printing process takes a couple of months, which in this day and age sounds kind of crazy when same-day delivery of stuff is becoming commonplace; but when it comes to printing books, apparently it’s still a pretty, old-school kind of process).
One last thing: For the past few years, I’ve been doing just two hands-on travel photography workshops per year for a small group of photographers (it’s limited to just 12 people) in amazing locations around the world. My last one was in Italy’s Tuscany region, and my next one is coming up April 12–15, 2023, in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, which is an amazing location for a travel photography workshop. If you want to grab one of the last spots, head over to I hope you can join us.
I know I’ve said this before, but perhaps it’s even more true now than ever: it’s a great time to be a Photoshop user Magazine.

Scott Kelby
KelbyOne President & CEO
Editor & Publisher

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