PC Powerplay – February 2023
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Our big featured games this issue are Park Beyond – which is about as bright and silly as a game gets, and Space Marine 2 – which is kinda the complete opposite.
Rollercoasters, man… if you’re … of my age, or thereabouts, you’ve probably got warm memories of the legendary Theme Park games of old. But this isn’t that. This is OTT and completely ridiculous. In a good way. The devs have thrown basic physics out the window and gravity is now a tool with rules unfamiliar to normal Earthlings, to be abused and exploited. It’s even got a story mode, which is optional, because as we like to say here at PCPP – if there’s no point, that’s the point.
While Space Marine 2 is oh so dark and serious. What a contrast. I’ll be playing both, and if neither interest you that’s quite alright, because we’ve compiled a big huge massive list of every game that matters (that we know about so far, at least!) that’s expected for 2023.
We’ve also got a bit of a Starfield update. And you can expect more of that in PCPP in the months ahead because it’s gonna be so great and not a launch let down like CP2077. Nu-up. This one will be golden perfection from Day 1. Don’t quote me on that. Ok, great thanks.
We hope your 2023 is off to a nice start, and Santa brought you an RTX 4090. If not – who cares? That 1080 Ti in your rig is good for another year! Yay! So much gaming! So much goodness.
Ben Mansill

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