Our Canada – June/July 2019
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As many of you know from reading a few of my earlier letters, we’ve been working behind the scenes here at Our Canada to “refresh” the general look of the magazine. Our primary aim is to showcase your wonderful contributions to their best advantage by adding more breathing space to the pages, and to improve your overall reading experience by simplifying the design.
We’ve maintained the healthy balance between story content and photography that you’ve come to appreciate over the years.
In terms of the content provided in any given in this issue of Our Canada magazine, you’ll see that we’ve made very few changes. For example, our recipe section still offers four great selections from home cooks across the country, but we’ve reverted to the section’s original name, A Taste of Canada. On the Funny Stuff page, we’ve replaced the “Meanwhile, at the
Garage” cartoon, penned by contributor Jack Lown, with another series by Jack called “Rural Roots,” which has an endearing cast of characters that we hope everyone will enjoy. And our “Bulletin Board” pages now carry a slightly heftier selection of contributor content, and fewer “bells and whistles.”
All in all, I think our design team has succeeded admirably in adding a breath of fresh air to our pages, but of course it’s what you think that matters most! So, once you’ve had a chance to read through this issue and give it some thought, please do not hesitate to share your views on the new look with me via email.
Happy summer, everyone! – Gary George Editor

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