net – May 2020
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Welcome at Net Magazine May 2020 Issue

Hello everybody, I’m Steven Jenkins and I’m really excited to be taking over the reins of such a prestigious title. I am very much looking forward to bringing you my 20+ years experience in web design and magazines to give you what you want.
It’s hard to believe that HTML has been around longer than 20 years but 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of HyperText Markup Language. Back in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee started working on the first specification and by 1991 had sorted the specification for the first 18 HTML tags. Things have changed (a lot!) and in our latest lead feature, Matt Crouch takes a look at the hottest tags that you should be using to build standards-friendly sites that will keep you ready for today and the future. Meanwhile, Adam Kuhn takes a look at the support detection options baked into the browser in the shape of CSS Feature Queries. Find out what to do if a CSS property is not supported in a specific browser.
Elsewhere, Joe Ford offers up a host of techniques to optimise and speed up your WordPress websites, while Vamsi Batchu gives a quick introduction on how to use the Auto-Animate feature in Adobe XD. Plus, get five quick tips from Merlyn Meredith for making your content accessible to all.


Steven Jenkins, Editor

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