net – Issue 319 June 2019
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In many professions, the onus is on how much you’ve personally sweated, rather than the results that you’ve achieved. Fortunately, web design isn’t afflicted by this delusion. In fact, the best designers are often those that recognise we achieve our optimum results by building on the work of others and standing on the shoulders of giants. Perhaps the best example of this is through the pervasive use of APIs. By plumbing the excellent dev work of others into our code base, we can make sites and apps that offer our users innovative functionality without having to reinvent the wheel. That’s why this issue we’ve asked Tam Hanna to profile 19 of the most groundbreaking APIs available, so you can add awesome functionality developed by giants like Apple, Google and Mozilla to your sites. But that’s not all we have to offer. We’re also taking a look at the role colour can play in your designs and how picking the perfect palette can help
you optimise your user journey. Additionally, we run down how you can reduce the cognitive strain your designs place on users. And, in the first of a two parter, we show you how you can use Unity to create a WebGL game that can be published on multipleplatforms without any hassle.
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