NEO Magazine – Issue 228 – Spring 2023
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WELCOME TO issue 228 of NEO Magazine! It really feels like spring around here these days (although gloomy weather is sure to appear at some point!), and we’ve got some really cool cherry blossom products over on page 026 to help you celebrate sakura season in style! I’m quite partial to those cute blossom pasta shapes myself… Speaking of the culinary arts, if you’re turning over a new leaf and trying to be more adventurous in the kitchen, check out our Korean recipes over on on page 068. They’re from The Rice Table by Su Scott (available from Quadrille), a really fabulous book full of truly classic Korean dishes, three of which we’ve shared with you this month!
We have two legacies to celebrate this issue – after the sad passing of Leiji Matsumoto, Andrew Osmond discusses his career on page 014. Over on 058, David West discusses the fascinating story of Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon as the seminal film turns 50.
Our cover story this issue follows the rising star of South Korean webtoon Tower of God as it makes its way to our screens as an anime. After years of fantastic cinema and K-pop dominating the charts, is animation the next export from South Korea set to send fans into a frenzy? Read all about it on page 008!
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