Natural Health – March 2023
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It’s usually January when people talk about starting afresh, but I think the turn of spring is when we really begin to feel optimistic for the year ahead. And if you can’t shake that niggling feeling that you need to make a change, maybe March is your time to shake things up a bit. If you need some help casting off negative beliefs and moving forward with your dreams, turn to page 108 where the experts have shared their top tips for making the changes you really crave. Perhaps a midlife milestone has you reflecting on where you’ve been, and focusing on where you want to go next. This year could be your greatest chapter, yet – your passion and purpose could be waiting to be discovered. But meaningful change doesn’t always have to be drastic – flick to page 94 to find out how an ordinary life can actually be an extraordinary one – we just need to reframe the way we view it. If there is something big you’d like to invite into your life, the new astro spin on manifesting could be the key to unlocking your dream life. Over on page 12, expert Dalila Salgueiro tells us: “Manifesting is knowing what you want and bringing it to life through daily visualisation and affirmation techniques.” So, whatever it is you desire this month, dream big, readers, your best life is ready and waiting for you.

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