National Geographic Traveller UK – May 2023
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Welcome at National Geographic Traveller UK Magazine May 2023 Issue

On my first visit to Italy, I headed high into the Apennine Mountains of Abruzzo, taking in several medieval villages, where, almost every night, each local restaurant would deliver the same local speciality — spaghetti alla chitarra — to our table with obvious pride.
You could say it was a surprise the second time it was served, but by the fourth I was even more delighted — enjoying the subtle differences in flavour and technique, but even more so the convivial reception and dedication to perfection. Proof, if it was needed, that Italy’s allure can’t be separated into food or culture or history — it comes as a whole package.
Having topped the short-haul category of our Reader Awards for four years in a row, it’s a destination that clearly resonates with you — a perennial favourite with a nation of travellers known for their desire to escape to warmer climes, not to mention a borderline obsession with pasta, pizza and gelato.
Therefore, surely, Italy needs no introduction. Or does it? Maybe you’ve seen Rome’s ancient ruins, explored Tuscany’s hilltop villages and got lost in Venice’s backstreets. But what of its other essential attractions? We talked also at National Geographic Traveller UK Magazine March 2023 Issue for this , you can check.
From train journeys through Liguria and Turin’s grand architecture, to the lesser-known lakes of Iseo and Orta and bear-spotting in Abruzzo, in this issue we’ve rounded up 21 of Italy’s most iconic experiences — and no, I didn’t see any bears in the Apennines. So, another reason for me to return.

Pat Riddell, editor

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