National Geographic Traveller Food – Summer 2022
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It’s not hard to eat well in Spain. Even if you’ve only been once or twice, chances are you’ve dined in style, whether on paella or a fresh seafood salad by the sea or tortillas, jambon, chorizo or churros in one of the major cities.
But the great thing about having a country like this on our doorstep is that it offers food-lovers in the UK a potential lifetime’s worth of discoveries. Such as the tapas scene in Granada, where exquisite tiny dishes come free with your drinks.
Or the furanchos of Galicia — eccentric restaurants so unofficial they can only operate for three months in every year. Or the historic cider houses of the Basque region, where crowds gather to catch a golden arc of amber liquid in their glasses as it gushes from a freshly tapped wooden cask.
Then, of course, there’s the experimental cuisine that’s made the world sit up and take notice over the past two decades. El Bulli may have closed its doors, but its legacy is palpable in the sheer number of extraordinary fine dining restaurants found throughout the country.
In our Summer cover story, we celebrate all that’s great about Spanish cuisine, from the simple to the sublime, and occasionally even the surreal. So, get reading, find a map and start plotting a culinary adventure you’re unlikely to ever forget.

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