Model Engineers’ Workshop Magazine – June 2020
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Inside Model Engineers’ Workshop Magazine June 2020 Issue

I have corresponded with several readers who are ‘shielding’ and I’m glad to hear that as well as fi nding plenty of workshop time, getting their issues of MEW and ME is helping deal with the challenge of an enforced stay at home.
It’s also been gratifying to see how busy our online forum, at has been. We have seen literally hundreds of new members to the website and very many of them are already active contributors. I am especially grateful to all the long-standing forum members who have been so welcoming and positive in their reception of these ‘new faces’ who range from complete beginners to experienced engineers and modellers. The amount of discussion on the forum has been extraordinary and the range of topics covered has been exceptional. Don’t feel you need to be active in your workshop to post, although much of the discussion is about such things, we also have the ‘Tea Room’ for discussion of issues of broader interest.

Model Engineers' Workshop Magazine June 2020 issue

Due to the vagaries of international deliveries, many of our overseas print subscribers fi nd themselves without their magazines, I’m pleased to say that we have been able to open up access to the online archive for them. If you are reading this on an electronic copy for the fi rst time, I hope you haven’t found the process too involved.
I don’t suppose a huge number of you reading this will have bought your copy at a newsagent, but if you have or if your subscription expires soon, you might well wish to look at our ‘3 for £1’ offer on page 22 of Model Engineers’ Workshop Magazine. It’s a good time to try electronic access at no extra cost, and who knows, you may prefer to stick with this in the future.
Electronic magazines are certainly better for the environment, and I have recently exchanged several emails with a reader who has asked why we don’t change the envelopes for the magazine to compostable potato starch based polymer? Unfortunately, these appear to cost about ten times as much as standard plastic envelopes and so are an unlikely choice while we are dealing with all the impacts of coronavirus on the magazine. When things are back to a more normal situation,
I will print some of our exchange in Scribe a Line and seek some feedback from
readers on such issues.

Finally, as for my own workshop, readers won’t be surprised that my relocation has been put on hold for some months with the housing market not being particularly active! I have unpacked most of my tooling and recommissioned my lathes. Although I have some work other than MEW to get on with (not least a couple of books) I am hoping to do some anodising next week, once MEW has been ‘put to bed’.
Stay safe and well,

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