Model Engineers’ Workshop – April 2019
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This month’s cover shows the use of a horizontal milling machine as part of the restoration of a Hendey Lathe by Brian Wood. See Restoring an old Norton gearbox on a Hendey Lathe an interesting challenge to bring a museum piece lathe back to working order on page 26 for the full story.
Adding a Tailstock Micrometer Dial to a Myford S7 Graham Meek offers plans for metric and imperial tailstock dials that fit both the S7 and the Myford 254.
A Travelling Crane for the Home Workshop Roger Froud describes how he addressed the problem of moving his part-built locomotive.
Lomex 2018 Julie Williams reports on workshop related exhibits at last year’s Lowestoft Exhibition ahead of this year’s event.
Alibre Atom3D Rob Footitt takes you through completing the scriber and shows how easy it is to modify a part by changing its parameters.
Getting One’s teeth into Some Gears Howard Lewis could be forgiven for thinking he’d bitten off more than he could chew, but the end result wasn’t hard to swallow
Living with a SIEG SX3 Milling Machine The continuing story of Austin Hughes milling machine.
An Improved Carriage Lock A very solid carriage lock from Chris Taylor that could be adapted to many other machines.
Milling for Beginners This month Jason Ballamy gives advice on making larger holes and using a boring head.
Make a Beam Compass Stew Hart is known for his excellent designs for beginners’ steam engines. This handy trammel should appeal to both novices and old hands.
A Collet Collective Bob Reeve’s experience of rationalising a collection of collets gives food for thought on the different options.
A handle extension for larger machines.
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24 On the Wire
The 2019 John Stevenson Trophy.

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