Miniature Wargames – May 2023
English | 66 pages | pdf | 41.41 MB

elcome readers! Miniature Wargames Magazine May 2023 issue cover’s the usual broad selection of topics which I do hope you’ll enjoy. On the cover we have a free sprue of Wargames Atlantic Horses – almost universally useful models – with a guide to painting them. Plus we have an Indian Mutiny Siege; a WWII Japanese armour piece and we visited a couple of shows,
including Hammerhead where the editor took his camera. Conrad Kinch has advice for better use of your gaming prep time; and Jon Suthertland shows you how to start a fight! Finally Mr Harwood builds a flying Cloudship. I don’t often have a model that represents me on a table top, so here’s a recent release from Brigade of a 15mm someone – who may be me (he’s wearing a silly hat, after all) – on a handsome Trike, very similar to the one I actually own. As Ian Anderson sang: “So you ride yourselves over the fields, and you make all your animal deals, and your wise men don’t know how it feels… to be thick as a brick.
That’s me: one wheel short!

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