Miniature Wargames – July 2023
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So… what do we have in this issue, dear readers? Well, there’s the conclusion of the Nihon Shugi (the Sino-Japanese War) piece with a scenario; another foray into the new Tales of Myths & Monsters game with a Greek setting (and shots of the Salute game) with a scratchbuild to suit; A Desert Raid DAK ATTACK scenario; more Indian Mutiny scenarios; plus a scenario for The Men who would be King; an intriguing Napoleonic introduction to the Valkryx system for the Battle of Waterloo and a Partizan show report. As the summer weeks bring better weather, I’m looking forward (fingers crossed) to more gaming. As The Old Crow Medicine Show sang: “So, while you sit and whistle Dixie with your money and your power I can hear the flowers a-growing; in the rubble of the towers,
I hear leaders quit their lyin’, I hear babies quit their cryin’, I hear soldiers quit their dyin’, one and all”.
Have fun!

John Treadaway

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