Mini Magazine – May 2023
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Everyone wants to have their car on the cover. It’s the first question people ask when they learn that they’re getting a mag shoot: will it be the main cover car? Well, much as we’d love to give everyone a shot, there’s only room for one each time. And if people approach us saying that they’ve got the perfect car for a cover feature, that always has to be treated with a pinch of salt… but when former editor Jeff rang to say he’d had a stop-press moment, that was something I had to pay attention to.
Because the man knows his stuff. Sure enough, the vividly jaffa-hued Clubman that’s making front-page news this month really is something special – a super highend
supercharged build with incredible attention to detail and plenty of power to back up the looks. Elsewhere in the mag we’ve got a whole load of feature cars that could be equally cover-worthy: there’s the red fastroad Rover, the mad-as-a-box-of-frogs Hustler, Radford’s own De Ville
demonstrator, it goes on and on. A delight on every page. And be sure to check out the stock cars on p.62 – a truly
inspiring story of two kids learning about
Minis from the ground up.
Enjoy the issue, see you next month!

Daniel Bevis
Editor, Mini Magazine

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