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Mini Magazine – June 2022

Mini Magazine – June 2022
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This year marks the 30th anniversary of Rover’s specialedition Italian Job Mini, so to celebrate the occasion we’ve brought together a pair of Flame Red survivors. You might have spotted on the cover that they have consecutive registration numbers – and, as you’ll discover in the feature on p.38, these estranged twins have a few tales to tell. Other features this month
pick out a broad spread of builds from mild to wild, and the second part of our mammoth Mini Magazine buying guide commences on p.72.
Now, perhaps it’s time to address the elephant in the room: the MINIs that have been appearing at the tail end of the mag recently. There are a number of reasons for this, with the values of classic Minis being one – the days of picking up a sub- £1000 runabout are long gone, so we’re increasingly seeing young enthusiasts buying cheap R50s as a stepping stone into MINI/Mini ownership; a way to enter a scene they might otherwise be excluded from. Naturally we’re sensitive to the concerns of readers who want to see classic Minis and have no interest in the modern stuff. That’s fair enough – Mini Magazine has always been about the classics, and this shift to a broader scope has certainly irked some of the hardcore faithful. What we would suggest is that reasoned debate is the answer here; some readers have very reasonably aired their heartfelt concerns, and our ears are always open to that. However, personal abuse via email or social media doesn’t help anyone. Please remember, this magazine is made by passionate enthusiasts, real people with real feelings. We work so hard to provide quality content, and
genuinely feel that the magazine is going from strength to strength. The aim here is to capture the inclusivity that we experience when we go to Mini shows and events, with owners of old and
new(er) enjoying a shared passion. Classic Minis will always remain the core focus of the magazine – flip through the pages and you’ll see. We’re simply adding a sprinkling of early MINIs because that accurately reflects the real-world scene.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy it

Daniel Bevis
Editor, Mini Magazine

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